About Me

Andrew Nelson is a retired twenty-two year Law Enforcement Officer. He spent twenty years with the New York City Police Department, where he attained the ranks of Police Officer, Detective and Sergeant. During his career with the NYPD he served several years with the elite Intelligence Division. He retired in 2005. After his retirement he served for two years as the Jail Administrator for the Christian County Sheriff's Office.

He has been a motivational speaker at numerous religious, academic and civic gatherings, speaking on the subject of faith and the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center complex on September 11th, 2001.

In August 2012 he began work on his first novel, Perfect Pawn, which takes place in the affluent Southampton area of Long Island.

Born in 1964 in the New York City Borough of Queens, Andrew earned an Associates Degree in Community and Human Services from the State University of New York.

Thanks. Accomplishing anything requires a lot of self determination, but thinking you did it on your own is foolish. I owe a lot of people for where I am at today. First and foremost is God for bringing the right people into my life and giving me the ability to do what I do. Second is my wife Nancy, who believed in me from day one, and stood by me at the highest of highs and lowest of lows.

Andrew resides with his wife in Central Illinois. They have four children and an Irish Wolfhound who believes he is a lapdog.


  1. Andrew, nice to meet you. I have read a snippet of your book and looking forward to reading the rest of the novel. After 26 years of being in law enforcement and also a few years in the medical field, this type of book always peaks my curiosity.
    My husband and I also live in central Illinois with family mostly in Taylorville. As much as I love the beach, I like the four seasons. Like you, I recently published a book, my genre at this time is children's books. I wish you good luck with your writing. May God continue to bless you and your family. DJ Baggerly

  2. Thank you DJ, I hope that you enjoyed my book. I try to write from my experiences and hope that I bring it to life in my characters. I wish you much success in your writing endeavors as well.

  3. Just saw you follow me on Twitter and I followed back. Nice blog. Checked out your first book and will check the second when I get a chance. I see you have some good reviews on Perfect Pawn, which are always nice. I have to be honest, the first chapter of PP didn't hook me, but I read on and chapter 2 piqued my interest. I'll have to put them on my TBR list, when I can get a chance to actually read again. I currently have 4 books out, based in NYC and the NYPD, and working on #5 which is set in my home State of Texas, specifically in San Antonio. If you want to check my blog out, it's kennhoss.blogspot.com. Glad to meet you and I look forward to reading your books.

    Ken Hoss

    Author of the Kelli Storm Series