Cop Authors

I recently wrote a post about Cop Authors and my reasons that you should consider reading their works.

After doing so, I decided to create a page that would allow readers to connect directly with active / retired police officers who have become authors. While any published Cop Author can request to be added to this page, I am starting out by listing the #IndieAuthors, those who need the most help in connecting with their intended audience.

It's not that I am against the big guys, like James Patterson or Robert Parker, but if you want real police writing, why not go to an actual police writer? I don't go to a butcher to have my car worked.

So here goes (in alphabetical order):

McGath, Kimberly

Monahan, Mike (NYPD)

Nelson, Andrew G. (NYPD)

Norris, George P. (NYPD)

Ryan, BP (NYPD)

Rybicki, Richard (Chicago PD)

Sheppard, Al (NYPD)

Weisskopf, Robert (Chicago PD)

Zurl, Wayne (SCPD)

If you would like to be included in this link, contact me.


  1. Andrew,
    Many thanks for adding my name to your list of police writers. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, so to everyone who celebrates, have a merry Christmas and be careful traveling.

    1. My pleasure, Wayne. For all my readers, if you don't know Wayne Zurl, then you don't know what you are missing. Another outstanding Cop Author to add to your library !!