Monday, August 8, 2016

The Wussification of America

When the hell did this country go from the amazing place that I grew up in to this? 

Yes, it was tough back then. 

We didn’t have smart phones, we were lucky to have a house phone. We didn’t have 1080 dpi HD televisions in our bedrooms, we were lucky to have a color TV in the living room and YOU were the remote (as well as the antenna adjuster) for whichever adult wanted to watch one of the dozen channels we had. We didn’t have Facebook, or Twitter, or any of the hundred or so other social media websites that this generation uses to validate their existence. Hell, Al Gore hadn’t invented the internet for us plebes yet…… (that’s a joke).

No, we rode bikes for miles, played sports, along with hide and seek in active construction zones. We called each other disparaging (and very politically incorrect) names, got into fist fights, and made up, all within the span of a few hours. And we got beat by our parents and our teachers. Not some sissy lecture, but honest to God beat, because we deserved it. If you don’t know what a switch is, look it up.

Thin skin was molded into toughness on gritty streets and you know what? We Survived!

We also learned respect. We called our elders by their first name: Mr. or Mrs. or, at the very least, Sir or Ma’am and we held doors open for the fairer sex. We learned personal responsibility and didn’t blame anyone else for doing something stupid, unless we really wanted them to get into trouble as well. Parents didn’t resolve our disputes, we did. Usually while they sat on the stoop watching their idiot children make asses of themselves. A law suit was something that happened in big business, not in Middle America.

If you flunked school, it was your fault, not the teachers. If a criminal was killed by the police we didn’t stage a protest or demand an excusal from testing while we coped with the psychological trauma. To be honest we couldn’t care less because they were: (repeat after me) a CRIMINAL !!

If the job we worked at didn’t pay enough, you got another job, but you never quit the 1st job till you had that 2nd job. Welfare was a crutch, to help you get back on your feet, not a suitable alternative to actually working. You want to know why you are having a hard time finding a job? Because there are limited career opportunities for degree programs that specialize in: Diversity, Privilege, Feminism and Sensitivity

No one went to therapy, no one needed to find themselves, and we certainly didn’t need a safe place to escape criticism or different viewpoints.  

Sorry junior / junior-ette, despite what the professor in your SJW degree program course told you, life in-fact DOES NOT owe you anything. You also don't get extra points for being a 'warrior' by confronting the police, ala that BlackLivesMatter bullshit, over some manufactured outrage. 99.9% of the police PROTECT you and your right to be an idiot, even as you are chanting about killing them. Go try that shit in another country and see how well that works out for you.

You want to show me just how tough you are on the issues, you and your fellow man-bun wearing hipsters head on over to Chicago (Englewood is nice this time of year) and protest the real epidemic of murder. Alas, that's not gonna happen because the folks there don't play well with idiots. Chances are pretty good you're gonna end up being a statistic. 

Why? Because, life truly is hard. It has always been hard since the dawn of time. It is why we have the motto 'survival of the fittest.' It is exponentially harder if you are stupid.

This wussification, or coddling, of our young is not helping them. 

The rest of the world does not move in lockstep with the U.S., quite the contrary. We are teaching our special snowflakes to go to their safe spaces when they are offended or upset, while somewhere in the Middle East a family is sending their kid to a 'terror camp' to learn how to wage war. No, that is not a joke, there are literally 'summer camps' for future Jihadists. We send our little munchkins to a place with pools, crafting programs, and courses on diversity, while 'Jihad Johnny' learns to field strip an AK-47, slit the throat of infidels and build a suicide vest.

I have no problem with people seeking a Utopia, but understand that the world actually doesn't work that way. Contrary to our esteemed President, that really is not who we are. Pacifist, vegan, man-bun wearing cavemen, who tried to live in harmony with nature, often became bait and or dinner. You might choose to evolve, but understand that the vast majority of the world will not.

Like the old saying: 'Those who beat their swords into plowshares, usually plow for those who didn't.'

The best we can hope for is to raise warriors who pray for peace, but have no problem looking you in the eyes and saying Molon Labe. What we have right now is a bunch of peace activists who like to lecture from 'gun free zones' and we have seen time and again just how well those work.

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